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As Shavuot approaches, we have launched the "Shavuot of Longing" project, which connects us through the heart and stomach to our dear brothers and sisters.


The book contains 75 recipes spread across 180 pages, including their most beloved dishes.

From the pastry they start their mornings with, to the warming winter soup, to the dessert that sweetens their hearts.


This upcoming Shavuot holiday, we invite you to prepare a recipe from the book, place it on your holiday table, and continue to raise awareness for the 124 brothers and sisters who must return home to celebrate this holiday with us.


  • For digital copy press here
  • The book was made in collaboration with, and with love from, Be'eri Print and Foody Israel.
  • For large orders, please contact us by email:
  • Book size: 23.5 cm wide by 19 cm tall.
  • All proceeds are a donation to the Hostage and Missing Families Forum, and are tax-deductible under section 501c3
  • All books will be delivered at least one week before the holiday.


For orders outside US and Canada:

UK -

Israel -

Australia -

Donate 45$ and get the "Shavuot of Longing" - Recipe Book

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