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******** Limited Edition - Delivery may be longer than 14 Buisness days*****


In these difficult times, every small act of support and love can impact what tomorrow brings.


The Bracelet of Hope – a red loop with a single diamond set in gold – embodies strength, hope, and illumination. The continuous, unbroken loop paired with a precious stone tells the story of community, support, and unity in our shared hope for change, peace, and freedom for those we hold in our hearts. 


The bracelet consists of a solitary diamond (0.03 carats) set in your choice of either yellow or white 14K gold, secured on a thin, red string. The bracelet is designed and manufactured with love by Israel-based ORD Diamonds. Every Bracelet of Hope serves as a donation to a noble cause – supporting the families of the hostages.


Donate $150 and get the Bracelet of Hope

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