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The Freedom Pin is a yellow ribbon pin made of metal design to raise awareness about the situation of the hostages.


The purpose of the pin is to raise awareness and to signify solidarity and support for the families of the hostages during these difficult times.

Wear the Freedom Pin wherever you go: in your country, or abroad, on clothing, or on a bag, and strengthen the families on their long journey.

The symbol of the yellow ribbon was inspired by the 1979 hostage-taking of 52 Americans at the US Embassy in Tehran.

During the captivity, the wife of one of the hostages asked the public to tie a yellow ribbon around a tree as a sign of hope for their release. The request was inspired by a well-known American song called "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree", which expressed hope and anticipation for the return of loved ones.

Since then, the yellow ribbon has symbolized a call for freedom, the release of hostages, and their return home.

Every purchase will serve as a donation for a noble cause - supporting the families of the hostages.

Donate $50 and get 5 Freedom Pins (Yellow Metal Ribbons)

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